December 9, 2009

kim høltermand: minimal photography (cool)




CPH (copenhagen airport):


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so said...

i am new to your blog
it is very nice

the viewer said...

thanks for visiting...thoughts, impressions, comments, suggestions are all welcome.

so said...

hi viewer
i love the big pictures
like that there is lots to look at
not much to read
we have to come up with our own words
Short story...
i have a family member 30 years old
had a stoke---sports accident
1.5 years since the accident
can't speak much
i am working with him and an artist and an art therapist
help him communicate through art
your site is a great resource for him
there is lot of work that is interesting and some not so intimidating
i will become a regular
when he does some art work i will send it to you