December 19, 2009

john baldessari: six colorful inside jobs

six colorful inside jobs 1971

In "Six Colorful Inside Jobs" John Baldessari draws a parallel between a double process of life and creation. The video shows a room being painted in six different colors, each color of the spectrum corresponding to a day of the week. This work, which started as a performance/installation, integrates the artist as a comic figure faced with contemporary history 'that of American painting' and shifts his function toward that of a house painter. Through this form of irony, Baldessari shows to what extent instruments and materials help him define the subtle limits between art and work, art and life.

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musser said...

I'm a big ubuweb fine to begin with, but I've not viewed this before, there.

He has to be lauded for having done such a piece at the time he did it.

the viewer said...

i've been stricken with this piece since first stumbling onto it at the moma...wonderfully inventive, humorous, thought provoking. and colorful!