December 18, 2009

andy goldsworthy: from the archives

horse chestnut tree torn hole
stitched around the edge with grass stalks
moving in the wind
trinity college, cambridge
24 july 1986

sycamore boxes
haarlemmerhout, holland
19 august 1984

dead hazel sticks
bentham, yorkshire
september 1980

leeds, yorkshire
auguts 1977

leaf horn
penpont, cunfriesshire
15 november 1986

sycamore sticks line
helbeck woods, cumbria
12 october 1983

continuous grass stalk line held to mud-covered rocks with thorns
swindale beck wood, cumbria
10 december 1984

cairn to follow colours in stones
st. abbs, scotland
1 june 1985

woven bracken ball
langholm, scotland
november 1985

red cherry leaf patch
brough, cumbria
4 november 1984

snow shadow
brough, cumbria
13th january 1985

all images © andy goldsworthy
via andy goldsworthy digital catalogue

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musser said...

yeah... this is the stuff of his i know... and love.