February 17, 2010

cy twombly: you have to start somewhere...

selected images from a lifetime of work

photos via cy twombly.info online gallery:

night watch 1966

cold stream 1966

untitled 1970

fifty days at iliam: the fire that consumes all before it 1978

suma 1982

proteus 1984

wilder shores of love 1985

untitled 1990

untitled no 3, 2003

untitled VII 2005 (baccus)

III notes from salalah, note II 2005-7

untitled 2007

current work via gagosian gallery:

the rose 2008

the rose (II) 2008

the rose (IV) 2008

the rose (V) 2008

detail and installation view:

more modern painting
more abstract art

the viewer: this post originally published 10.26.9; reposted for technical reasons...