August 17, 2009

chris nash: a moment in time

through the mirror

chris: the waiting (2006)

rachel: the swimmer (2008)

john: if not for hope (2006)

aubrey: the path one follows (2006)

gerrard: before and after (2006)

all photographs © chris nash, all rights reserved
A Moment In Time is an ongoing project that sprang from a period of research funded by a Nesta Dreamtime grant. The subtext of these pictures is the dichotomy that lays at the heart of all photographs of dance i.e. how can a still, two dimensional object (a photograph) represent the four dimensions of dance or movement. With all of the images in the series I have tried to develop the idea of a moment crystallized, a slice of time held and preserved, endlessly resonating the emotional state of the subject and continually reflecting the psyche of the viewer. I have presented the figures in idealized yet anonymous rooms, where the inner lives of the subjects can be examined and considered.