August 13, 2009

glass: cast, blown, mosaic: it's a big world out there (2)

glasarche im waldmeer europas, glass plates and wooden sculpture, 2003
collaboration between multiple cross-border artists (czech | german)
photo © oliver abels some rights reserved (CC-BY-SA)

(more on glasarche im waldmeer europas in german)

open, pâte de verre, 2008
kristiina uslar

untitled, hand blown mirrored glass
josiah mcelheny
photo © jing some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC-SA)

chihuly at kew gardens, blown glass
photo public domain

metamorfoza, cast glass, 2007
jaroslava brychtová and stanislav libenský
photo © ubongo some rights reserved (CC-SA-3.0)

more glass sculpture