August 6, 2009

glass: cast, blown, mosaic: it's a big world out there

blue pyramid, cast glass, 1993
jaroslava brychtov√° and stanislav libensk√Ĺ

sapphire and goldleaf chandelier, glass
dale chihuly

saba, glass, 2008
lino tagliapietra

eternal temptation, glass, 2008 [see DETAIL]
lucio bubacco

preceding (4) images via SOFA chicago 2008 press room

standing leaf purple with green, blown glass, 2009
dante marioni

walking on a dream, glass mosaic, 2009
andrea salvador

squantum point boat, manganese & eggplant glass w gold-leaf, wood stand, 2001
steven weinberg

preceding (3) images via SOFA chicago 2009 press room

more glass sculpture