July 31, 2009

friday photo: ken mccown

portland reflected cubes
© ken mccown some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC-ND)

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July 30, 2009

troy paiva: lost america

these photographs were all taken at night, in low/no-light conditions, with exposures from a few seconds to 60 minutes. lighting is primarily full moon with hand held, low impact (flashlight) highlights.

60 minutes over pearsonville (caravanserai 60) 2008

waiting for westergard 2009

sodium clouds 2007

lenticular 2007

peeling porte cochere 2007

giant joshua 2006

six red lights 2007

race control 2008

many thanks to troy paiva for permission to post these photographs.

all images © troy paiva - no unauthorized reproduction
via lost america - night photography of the abandoned west
lost america photostream (flickr)

July 28, 2009

merce cunningham: 1919 - 2009

via danceheritage.org

via bandofthebes blog

new york times video: the legacy of merce cunningham [recommended]

July 27, 2009

ellen mcdermott: alternative portraits









all photographs © ellen mcdermott all rights reserved
ellen mcdermott at keynoter blog
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found at artmoco blog

July 26, 2009

meditation: lisa m. robinson




all content © 2007 lisa m. robinson

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July 25, 2009

hugo arcier: e99500

e99500 is the hexidecimal code for orange...
e99500 from hugo arcier on vimeo

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shirin neshat: cultural identity

from passage series

guardians of revolution 1994
from women of allah series

allegiance with wakefulness 1994
from women of allah series

rebellious silence 1994
from women of allah series

from passage series

more about shirin neshat here and here
images via gladstone gallery

July 24, 2009

friday photo: tanakawho

abstract (water ring)
© tanakawho some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC)

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j neuberger: school's out...for summer




all photos © j neuberger some rights reserved (CC-BY)
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July 23, 2009

pamela michelle johnson: handi snacks

handi snacks / 68 x 56 / 2008

circus animals / 52 x 52 / 2008

hostess cupcakes / 64 x 64 / 2007

sugar cookies / 52 x 52 / 2008

girl scout cookies / 68 x 54 / 2008

donuts I / 60 x 50 / 2006

burgers II / 68 x 54 / 2007

artist statement [recommended]
all content © pamela michelle johnson
found at artmoco

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July 22, 2009

dan flavin: constructed light

in 2008 the pulitzer foundation for the arts in st. louis mounted a two-phase exhibition of dan flavin's flourescent work. occupying every level of the tadao ando designed building including the exterior, the work was installed to 'accommodate the spaces in ways that both complemented and challenged the architecture without compromising the integrity of flavin's art'.

untitled (in memory of barbara schiller), 1973

five untitled works, 1964 - 1974

untitled (in honor of harold joachim) 3, 1977

untitled (for robert, with fond regards) 2, 1977

exterior, pulitzer foundation for the arts

untitled (to stephen with gratitude aplenty), 1974-89
also shown: detail of ellsworth kelly blue black, 2000

untitled, 1971

untitled (to barbara lipper), 1973

exterior view of untitled, 1971
also shown: detail of scott burton, rock settee, 1988-89

two untitled works, 1976

all content © the pulitzer foundation for the arts
visit the foundation's interactive dan flavin exhibition [recommended]

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July 21, 2009

otkuda: new urban realism

© otkuda some rights reserved (BY-NC-SA)

sleep (1)
© otkuda all rights reserved

© otkuda all rights reserved

© otkuda some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC-SA)

levels of decay
© otkuda all rights reserved

© otkuda some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC-SA)

© otkuda some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC-SA)

concrete landscape
© otkuda some rights reserved (BY-NC-SA)

© otkuda all rights reserved

© otkuda some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC-SA)

© otkuda all rights reserved

otkuda lives and works in the netherlands
see more of his work here
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