June 17, 2009

precursor: ellsworth kelly

red blue 1964

red yellow blue

blue/black 1970
via hirschorn museum & sculpture garden

red blue green 1963
via abstract-art.com

red curve

mirrored panel

green blue 1967
copyright A.K. at insecula.com

all unattributed images copyright © ellsworth kelly
ellsworth kelly b. 1923 (bio)

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Amy said...

Please check out the Pulitzer's Blue/Black by Kelly: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thepulitzer/360721601/in/set-72157594485278883/
You might find the Pulitzer to be another like-minded soul, since it's founded in the Minimalist tradition.

the viewer said...

thanks for the link! there's a nice view of it in your dan flavin symposium shots on flickr and in the interactive photos on your site...what a great place to work.