May 31, 2009

meditation: james turrell

james turrell
3 gems, 2005
in the Osher Sculpture Garden of the De Young Museum in San Francisco

all images copyright © camera_obscura
from the set james turrell

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May 30, 2009

precursor: barnett newman - broken obelisk

broken obelisk - 1963-1969
rothko chapel - houston, texas
university of washington - seattle, washington
museum of modern art - new york city, new york
neue nationalgalerie - berlin, germany

barnett newman's sculpture captured/interpreted here by the following:
(all images copyright © the photographer)
broken obelisk © pirano (bob) @ piran
untitled © mirsasha
broken obelisk HDR © matt carroll
infrared broken obelisk © jimmy hemphill
broken obelisk © laurenatclemson
broken obelisk at night © photine
broken obelisk © dan zelazo (1yen)
broken obelisk © ricky webster (the tourist)
broken obelisk at rothko chapel - owner unknown
summer holga explorations © paul beard (your mistakes are your style)
uw red square foggy © pdgibson
obélique brisé (with claude monet's water lilies) at MoMA ©
broken obelisk at rothko chapel - owner unknown

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May 29, 2009

friday photo: don taylor

copyright © don taylor

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May 28, 2009

meditation: nicholas hughes

edge - verse 1 - image #29

edge - verse 1 - image #10

edge - verse 1 - image #4

all images copyright © nicholas hughes

May 27, 2009

minimal photography: portal

"do you believe a man can change his destiny?"
copyright © lif...

lines staggered--looking in
copyright © caliper studio

lines in blue gray
copyright © surfacepattern

savannah, oh
copyright © david winship

au carré
copyright © mzelle biscotte

copyright © tibo dé

piazza augusto imperatore
copyright © fabbriciuse

blank 2
copyright © pete pick

copyright © andrewpaulcarr

9 bruckner blvd
copyright © (michelle)

untitled (revisted)
copyright © j.kolo

copyright © j neuberger

copyright © robert in toronto

copyright © finsmal

tile and shadow
copyright © theilr

sunsεttıng shadε ƒor shadε . .
copyright © jef safi

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May 26, 2009

matt proctor

candy (front)

candy (rear)



clam detail


all content copyright © the artist

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May 25, 2009

sean cheetham: three paintings


front door

gretchen and roscoe

all content copyright © the artist
via sean cheetham

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May 24, 2009

meditation: black monolith

a picture is not a representation of reality, it's a representation of what you see and perceive - maerten prins

black monolith
copyright © maerten prins (netream)

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May 23, 2009

tony cragg

excerpts from a show at centro arti visive pescheria in 2006:

i'm alive, 2003

unknown title

round the block, 2003

unknown title

installation views:

all work copyright tony cragg
via centroartivisivepescheria

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May 22, 2009

friday photo: bryn jones

biomass boiler....
copyright © bryn jones

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May 21, 2009

spezoid: mysteries of the ordinary


gray on red



a25Jan 080


chained 2



all content copyright © steve teso (spezoid)
many thanks to spezoid for permission to post these images

copyright © steve teso (spezoid)