May 2, 2009

photographer SELF portraits

all images copyright © the photographer:
midnight digital: stay clean
haojan: self portrait
hcky so: windows or mac?
jenny leigh: happy birthday to me
rougerouge: the little rabbit and me
nyki m: again and again and again
bukutgirl: outlined
zach manchesterUK: why does...
gregw: untitled
rent-a-moose: smearedv
fabbriciuse: the absolute silence
viamoi: ~viamoidrops~
kwerfeldein: headshot
rent-a-moose: piumerosse6
big fat rat: the awful truth, day 4: could be working harder
cayusa: getting back into photography
cayusa: and i thought yesterday was hot!
meredith farmer: day 39 :: labeled
stephen poff: september 2nd 2008 - the night shift
the doctr: 329 | kidney
thomas hawk: the signal's lost
rougerouge: la route du nord
striatic: me and my camera
cayusa: rind by escher
paul+photos+moody: 147 of 365 - just dandy
nyki m: llorar a lágrima viva
skinnyde: self
daniel jabra: self-portrait
hmmlargeart: comic self obsession
hmmlargeart: self with self
adam foster: self portrait: in the style of david hockney
corie howell: superhero shot
draman: the masked photographer
nwardez: open my mind...
david winship: the viewer.15

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ViaMoi said...

"ViaMoi" - Green grass dudeThanks for the ADD and I always appreciate the proper link backs and notifications my friend. I've got some pretty whacked out self images on my flickr stream and glad you found one.
Greets from Canada

Unknown said...

what a fun collection of images - thanks so much for including me in this - though next to the others I'm feeling a little humble! best - BG

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the notification, I really appreciate your courtesy! You have accumulated a very nice collection of self portraits!

Purkinje said...

An amazing group of images, that last dude is something else. I am an admirer.