March 31, 2009

gerhard richter

sanctuary 1988
via the hirschorn collection

grĂ¼n - blau - rot

owl 1983
via arthoughts blog

untitled 1987

abstraktes bild 1988

station 1985

all artwork copyright © gerhard richter
more gerhard richter @ minimal exposition

frank gehry's fish

frank gehry fish sculpture in barcelona
photo by jasmic

March 30, 2009

less is more

copyright © DraMan all rights reserved worldwide

copyright © on1stsite

copyright © cameraoog

March 29, 2009

anselm kiefer details

by stunned

by simplifica

by passetti

by leafar

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storm king

mark di suvero mon pere, mon pere
by David Winship

alexander calder 5 swords
by Grufnik

marc di suvero baby beyond
by David Winship

baby beyond detail
by benben

marc di suvero pyramidian
by David Winship

pyramidian detail
by Grufnik

menashe kadishman suspended
by David Winship

maya lin wave field

March 27, 2009

friday photo

by hartlandmartin

March 26, 2009

about the cube

by Stuck in Customs

Monolith at Murten Expo
by stejan

Richard Serra - Block for Charlie Chaplin
wikimedia image

by Elias Pirasteh

March 23, 2009

and so we begin

frank & cyndi's wedding @ minimal exposition