February 1, 2013

(the viewer): sabbatical

I have been posting here daily since march 2009.

this has been a rewarding time for me personally and hopefully for you, the regular visitors to this blog. the pleasure of coming here daily and seeing the work of hundreds of unbelievably creative people is what keeps me coming back; it's what challenges me intellectually, visually.

now it's time for a rest, time to retreat to my studio and to my own work, time to pick up a number of projects that have lain dormant over the months / years.

I'm happy to hear from you, just drop me a line. but I won't be accepting any new submissions until the blog is 'live' again, sometime in the future.

my deepest thanks to every one of you for visiting, following, and subscribing. please do come back again.

david m winship (the viewer)


  1. david,

    I feel sad when I read this (and a bit shocked)
    but I am glad for you to work with your projects
    and I will wait for minimal expositions comeback
    the best art blog I know

    I wish you a creative and good sabbatical


  2. Thank you for providing this inspiring place for me to visit with joy!
    Best wishes !

  3. please ... please come back !
    don't say it is the end of the raod ...