January 13, 2013

tmymtur: 湧声

tmymtur @ minimal exposition

track name : 15.11.2012/1
time : 22:10.210
format:digital (96khz/24bit)
release date : 21.february.2013
label name:ensl amdc
cat# : en004

this work was composed using microphones that enable the recording of inaudible "over 20khz" ultra-high frequencies, and using recording equipment,transmitting them to sampling frequencies of 96khz/24bit format, to output the elements of ultra-high frequencies included within the voice. by layering over 5000 of these voices, they blend organically, and form the sound creation called "yusei" which is one of a kind, made just of voices. it is a composition where people can feel beyond their territories of consciousness, a kind of feeling as if everything is connected and shared. this is produced by his original method of using the senses of imperceptible, ultra-high frequency waves contained within the voice, and the shared musical feelings of live multiplex voices.

website: ensl.jp/tmymtur