May 18, 2012

richard kolker: lost in space, game, night

excerpts from the series 'lost in space'

excerpts from the series 'game'

excerpts from the series 'night'

my work explores how we engage with virtual reality and escapism. unlike the vicarious narrative of a movie or novel, the first person immersive involvement of a computer game and an online virtual world enables us to participate emotionally and socially in an alternative dimension to our familiar physical life. the participant can enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling virtual existence free from many of the pitfalls and uncertainties that can make real life so stressful.
the images portray the moment when the real and the virtual worlds meet. not physically at the interface of a computer screen, but psychologically as the player recognises the blurring of the real / unreal boundary and is aware of the conflict that exists in his/her time being divided between the two. they represent imagined potential emotional triggers that remind the player of their roles and responsibilities in the real world.
the images are constructed using a combination of traditional photography and the 3d modelling techniques of the video game industry. but instead of portraying the escapist fantasy sought in the online world they reflect the more mundane nature of the player’s everyday life.

richard kolker

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images via magenta magazine and la lettre de la photographie