May 3, 2012

oan kim: je suis le chien pitié (and other themes)

improvisation 2012

born in france in 1974, oan kim is a photographer, as well as a musician and occasional video artist. over the years his photography work has developed an approach of the medium that is not strictly documentary, nor purely conceptual or pictorialist, but it is informed by all of the above, re-questioning the balance of these elements at every new series of work. he has had a dozen gallery and museum solo exhibitions since 2000 in france, south korea, the usa and china, and has taken part in many more group shows around the world. he has received several grants or commissions from the french ministry of culture (fanfares, the beach and hong kong series) and his work is present in several public collections. in 2005 he co-founded the myop agency of independent photographers. he has studied visual arts at the ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de paris, and music composition at the conservatoire national supérieur de musique de paris. he also pursues a musical career as leader of rock band film noir, for which he has directed a few music videos.

many thanks to oan kim for providing high resolution images for this post!

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