May 7, 2012

justin adian: come and take it

press release:
justin adian - come and take it
sunday, april 29th – friday, june 8th, 2012

blackston is pleased to present come and take it, justin adian's second solo exhibition at the
gallery. a reception for the artist will be held on sunday, april 29th from 6 to 8 p.m.
adian's latest series of abstract, shaped, protrusive oil paintings on canvas tightly stretched over
foam continue to evince his precise and experimental command of form, proportion and
the surfaces, painted in monochromatic hues of varying degrees of brightness and sheen,
activate and reveal painterly concerns across the shape and depth of the canvas. a robust
physicality presents itself in the meeting of paint with the canvas's puckers and contours.
frequently comprising two or more distinctively shaped elements to form a single cohesive
piece, the artist's work comfortably straddles the theoretical divide between painting and
sculpture with wry assertiveness.
rooted in abstract and minimalist traditions, adian's paintings embody a pioneering, if not punk
rock, spirit - demonstrating an effervescence, looseness and playfulness in their unique
composition and unexpected colors.
adian lives and works in new york city and was born in 1976 in fort worth, texas.

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