May 11, 2012

jessica backhaus: i wanted to see the world (and other projects)

world110 2011

memories in a bottle 2011


berlin 2010

brush 2010

harbor 2010

blue spoon

frozen bottle

carrots by the sink

world99 2011

a new road 2011

jessica backhaus was born in cuxhaven, germany in 1970 and grew up in an artistic family. at the age of sixteen, she moved to paris, where she later studied photography and visual communications. here she met gisele freund in 1992, who became her mentor. in 1995 her passion for photography drew her to new york, where she assisted photographers, pursued her own projects and lived until 2009.

jessica backhaus is regarded as one of the most distinguished voices in contemporary photography in germany today. her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the national portrait gallery, london, and the martin-gropius-bau, berlin. her photographs are in many prominent art collections including art collection deutsche börse, germany, ing art collection, belgium, collection of the museum of fine arts, houston, usa and the margulies collection, miami, usa.

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Anonymous said...

great images!
especially brush, harbor and frozen bottle