May 13, 2012

gregory thielker: disruptions

from the 'disruptions' series 2010
oil on inkjet prints

disruption 1

disruption 2

disruption 3

disruption 4

disruption 6

disruption 5

disruption 7

disruption 8

disruption 9

this series developed in tandem with the driving paintings i have been doing for several years. often, i end up with far too many images to paint from, so a number of these became the support for a new series. these works share a common intention with the windshield paintings, but their expression is different. here, the gestural paint strokes are stand-ins for the fluid marks of water, obscuring sections of the windshield while selectivly picking up color from the environment beyond. shapes collide and overlap to create a seemingly random arrangement, but these works owe their ultimate form from the image underneath.

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gregory thielker: under the unminding sky