May 22, 2012

elizabeth sheppell: fat series

recent paintings from the 'fat series':

fat series no 6

fat series no 13

fat series no 11

fat series no 14

fat series no 14 detail

fat series no 8

fat series no 9

fat series no 7


juicy detail

circle 1 (on paper)

surfaces exhibition:
this recent work body of work is an exploration of structures and layering. pushing the paintings further and finding new shapes and surfaces has been an exciting avenue that i plan to continue with. i have loosely named the smaller groupings “the fat series”. there is a bold and raw quality behind these pieces. i work intuitively to create all my paintings. they are a reflection of the energy and state of mind when created. i want the tactile seduction of paint that inspires me to come through to the viewer.
elizabeth sheppell lives and works in atlanta, georgia

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