May 8, 2012

dianne bowen: listening

wire tap 2008
collaboration dianne bowen and heins kim - 200 square feet, 2 stories up

wire tap, 2008, collaboration dianne bowen and heins kim:
outdoor project space, new york city. "wire tap" examines the lines of communication and infinite conversations through which information bounces faster than the speed of light within a border-less global community. the work explores the process of conversation decoding, translating what and how we listen and hear these audible and inaudible sounds. information is concealed or revealed by discretion mending and repairing itself disguised as stealth. an envelopment of wires as metaphor to close or create connection to multiple and diverse dialogue between existing decay and the fabricated utopia that attempts to coexist.

a conversation with a byrd on a cliffe 2008

a conversation with a byrd on a cliffe 2008: site specific installation:
...created as a site specific installation at byrdcliffe residency woodstock ny, june 2008. the light and movement in the studio first caught my attention. a quiet conversation, a language i did not know but somehow may understand. the lines on the floor, walls, structure itself, nature brimming life from window views instantly caught my attention and hence began the work. through line and mark making i found commonality between the indoor and outdoor spaces merging them together. arranging 55' of aluminum house flashing which cascaded a spiral to the floor mimics the the rings of the branch suspended into it's center held at the top by a wax thread and push pin on the wall. clear mylar panels arranged near the skylight with poured wax traces left by wind and storm double and triple shadows onto the wall and floor moving as air get's in through cracks and windows, door left ajar. I-V tubing filled with wax, pigment and pins flow from rafters, the buildings internal system crawling out suspended and pinned down to the wall. cracks are traced in paint reveal a macroscopic topography hidden under paint. swirling lines repeating patterns man made and natural. a grid is forming poetic spaces to think in chaos, this is the sound of presence, in a world on information over load how and what we hear is one of the most important questions of our time. ear to ground, i listen.


many thanks to dianne bowen for providing the images for this post!
dianne lives and works in new york city