May 5, 2012

billly and hells: in motion


jimi's dance


based in berlin, andreas oettinger (munich, 1963) and anke linz (nuremberg, 1965) met in 1986. after having discovered their shared love of photography realized that they were both admirative of diane arbus, arthur fellong, lucas cranach, irving penn and richard avedon, they began cosigning fascinating portraits recognized in 2007 by the national portrait gallery of london with the taylor wessing portrait prize.
their earliest series, whether about the wild west inspired from stereotypical images of late 19th century cowboys and cowgirls, or about nurses, revealed a portrait style of suggestive beauty that the more elliptical, even worrisome series raum der eigene then blue moon with its powerful pictorial images, confirmed.
in 2010, the duo was present at the affordable art fair of london and at the utrecht gallery in amsterdam for a new exhibition. in 2011, the contemporary photography magazine eyemazing featured them on the cover with a portfolio about their blue moon series.

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