April 17, 2012

united visual artists | scanner: origin

origin: an object that 'demands to be worshipped'

designer: united visual artists
score: scanner
client: the creators project
location: new york city (2011) and san francisco (2012)
additional audio programming: henrik ekeus and dave meckin
producer: keri elmsly
photographer: james medcraft

origin is the latest development by united visual artists (uva) in their exploration of large-scale responsive led sculpture. as part of the creators project, uva created origin – a responsive installation meant to explore our society’s acceptance of a technocratic life form.

in october of 2011, the installation was hedged between the two bridges on brooklyn’s shore within dumbo’s tobacco warehouse. the 10m x 10m cube of light both disrupted and reflected the city, eliciting an emotional reaction from those who entered its realm. origin is the culmination of a series of works derived from orchestrion, the main stage design created by uva for coachella 2011.

the cubic lattice is composed of 125 two-meter cubic spaces mounted with linear led strips, allowing it to emit varying light patterns in all directions. a network of speakers (bass and treble) generated real-time loud ominous sounds from a new original score by scanner.

photos james medcraft © united visual artists 2011
via archdaily.com