April 15, 2012

quiet ensemble: quintetto, natura morta, vuoto pieno di te


'quintetto' is an installation based on the study of the casual movement of fish used as input for the production of sounds. the piece is composed of 5 vertical aquariums holding a fish in each as a video camera records its movements which are then translated into sounds through a computer software. as the fish moves casually up and down through the aquarium, the movements are captured into digital sounds signals. with 5 different instruments the fish become the conductors of a live concert. the installation gives us the opportunity to be part of the concert, as we witness the live performance of nature and enjoy the sound that it produces.
quintetto won third prize at the "international contemporary art prize - celesteprize" in berlin.

natura morta:

Natura Morta by quietensemble

'natura morta' is a concert where the only instruments used are real fruits. we only play the microvoltage/electric power contained within them. each fruit has acid in it that produces electrical tension. using a special technique, we can boost these frequencies making the inaudible audible, the sound of the vital energy of nature.
the individual fruits are raised on wooden platforms, standing on a transparent plexiglass plate lit from under. each time a fruit plays, its base will lght up, staining the surrounding space, making it changeable and dynamic. each platform is actually a midi controller with respective potentiometers which modulate the sound wave’s single result and then working on some parameters such as volume, pitch or loops that make the show more accessible, creating rhythms and sounds of a live music concert. each fruit produces different frequencies that will be accented with a large video projection visible behind the performers.

vuoto pieno di te:

'vuoto pieno di te':
il nostro spazio vitale prende luogo nello spazio vuoto e solo ad occhi chiusi sentiamo la concretezza del buio.
ho intuito il mio essere contenitore, ora aspetto la nuvola, e la pioggia.

many thanks to bernardo vercelli / quiet ensemble for providing content and access for this post!

quiet ensemble was founded by fabio di salvo and bernardo vercelli in 2009. their diverse and expressive experiences in interactive video and set design merge to create contemporary installations.

website: quietensemble.com


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vuoto pieno di te
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