April 18, 2012

paul barlow: hi visibility - 2012

diamond grade I

fluorescent signs warning us to be cautious, highly visible road workers, indicators of safety, road signs and markings telling you to stay in lane and which way to go subconsciously work their way into my work. i’m drawn to the high intensity of these colours, the colours that we encounter every day that are just outside our peripheral vision in order to alert and catch our attention.

arrangement II

construction II

electric blue II

hi his III

totem I

hi vis III

construction III

construction I

electric blue I

arrangement I

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gaffa tape, road marking spray paint, diamond grade reflective tape, gesso, clout nails, pins, wood, high visability paint, electrical tape, metal paint, fluorescent paint, heat resistant tape, nails, high visability fabric, caution tape.

paul barlow lives, works, and studies in sheffield, england

website: paul-barlow.com


Anonymous said...

great colors and compositions