April 4, 2012

ana rosa hopkins: transparent, translucent, distortive, reflective, magnifying

glass, tar 2011

expanding foam, glass 2010

glass, tar 2010



optical concave magnifying lens, mirror, iron oxide 2011

glass spectacle lens, perspex, chrome 2011

double glazed window, cigarette smoke

wood, glass 2011

iron 2011



glass vessel, glass heart, water, nylon line 2009


in my practice i work with found elements, natural and man-made materials and collected objects whose form and meaning is extended through re-contextualisation, manipulation, displacement or transformation. like an alchemist, my practice and enquiry experiments with the transmutation of common element.
over the last five years i have specialised in the use of glass, mirror glass and lenses investigating their inherent physical qualities, ambiguities and sybolism of body and soul. i explore their transparent, translucent, distortive, reflective and magnifying properties and how the transmutation of the material can create new perceptions of experience. i take a scientific approach to reseach the behaviour of the materials, adding the residue of everyday substances to transform them during the glass making process.
excerpt from artist's statement

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