April 19, 2012

adrienne moumin: architextures

photo collages:

hand printed silver gelatin photographs:

adrienne moumin is best known for her hand-cut-and-assembled gelatin silver photo collages, and for the b&w photographs from which they are made. in the early 2000’s she began cutting up photographs for collage, in order to carry on with her work during a period when she had no access to a darkroom. this led to the ongoing architextures series of hand-cut-and-assembled photo collages.
all photographs are "gelatin silver" prints, traditional (not digital) photographs, printed by hand, one at a time, in a black & white darkroom.
adrienne moumin lives and works in new york and silver spring

many thanks to adrienne moumin for providing high resolution images for this post!
all content copyright © adrienne moumin all rights reserved

website: picturexhibit.com


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say that this is a fantastic blog
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the viewer said...

thank you for your kind words, Susanne. it's a delight to me that you visit so often, and comment so regularly!

david (the viewer)