March 14, 2012

roy nachum: blind

self portrait (detail)

self portrait



light, part II

king's king

tears of laughter


a few years ago, a chance encounter with braille signage at a museum exhibition forced the artist to consider ways in which people who are blind may experience visual artworks and to re-contextualize his signature pixel technique into braille. this tool for the visually impaired plays a prominent part both literally and metaphorically in all the new nachum works.

…many of the photorealistic oil paintings, employ braille and a “double vision” technique that challenges those with sight to question the limitations of their vision. according to nachum, “my hope is that i can strike a variety of emotional chords with blind readers that is similar, but not identical to what different people with sight take away from a painting. i wanted to test our reliance on what we see and force different viewers to re-orient their perception of a work by also employing their sense of touch. our visual sense is far more complex than we realize. memory and imagination play a major part in our interpretation of what is actually in front of us, i want to "open peoples eyes".”

roy nachum studied at the cooper union in new york and bezalel academy in israel. he has exhibited in paris, berlin, cannes, los angeles and new york.

youtube interview with roy nachum

many thanks to maia pelosini and joseph nahmad contemporary for links and access to these images!

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beautiful paintings
interesting to watch the video