March 21, 2012

'reality is a bitch': attacks rachel de joode artwork

comments at minimal exposition are welcome, but rare.
yesterday, we received the following comment which may warrant some discussion. the premises of this blog are clearly stated in the 'about' page: we feature contemporary art (since 1948) in the largest size and highest resolution possible, for viewers who value images 'of art' rather than discussion 'about art'. we believe that art's rightful place is in the interaction between viewer and artwork, not in some 'critical' evaluation of art by some 'qualified' person.

the commenter, who chose to remain anonymous, launched into a tirade; not so much against rachel de joode's provocative work, but perhaps against 'new' art that he/she either doesn't understand or in this case clearly does not appreciate. (on the surface of it, apparently de joode's work has successfully engaged the commenter...not all interaction must be positive, after all.)

i have included the comments and my reply below. my offer stands: if 'reality is a bitch' is a real person and will send me links to contemporary artwork that fits the standard criteria for the blog, i am happy to post it. but somehow, i don't believe we will hear from her/him, i think the comment was a 'serious art discussion' parody.

what do YOU think?

'reality is a bitch' comment at rachel de joode: altars, still lives and work in progress
What the fuck is this? Another "artist" making something very ugly and completely useless and selling it as "art"? Wow, what a surprise.
We normal people already have a word for this; Garbage. And the value: 0, zip, nadda, nothing. Even more funny are the idiotic people that act like they know art and are saying how nice, pretty, awesome and wonderful this is. It is fucking GARBAGE!
An "artist" like this just walks outside his house to the nearest garbage bin(Wouldn't want to make yourself tired, huh?), steals it along(Because artists are very poor people. And searching a normal, paid job? Brrrrrrrr.), opens it up, throws everything inside on the floor et voila, "art".
You people are very special. Not the special as in "Wow, you're so smart", "good in your work", what a great talent". But more the special kind that wears a helmet and don't even do sports!
And of course frightened as hell for some critique, hence the moderated comments. Guess there were a lot more negative outings on here.

the viewer's response:
To the curious: we have never deleted a comment that wasn't spam, the moderation is only for posts over 14 days so we don't get inundated w spam.
To 'reality is a bitch'. Please submit links or image files for any art you consider worthy. As long as it was produced after 1948 and is professional quality, I'll post it.
Since you didn't bother to include a real name-identity or link to a real site, I'm assuming you aren't serious, that your diatribe was a parody. Please feel free to prove me wrong. Your comments are welcome.

update: evidently the commenter originally came from this site. retecool
ps: many thanks to 'retecool' for all the traffic!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand all these meaningless words that don't lead to anything

I think you can write a critical commentary
but the criticism should be constructive

I'm glad there are so many different ways of expression in art
I'm glad that art brings such different emotions
it makes art exciting, interesting and filled with experiences