March 24, 2012

pery burge: hydro-chronobiological visualization

translucent shoals 2012


garden of unearthly light 2012

just swinging by

deep colored space 2012

i think of myself as a catalyst for nature, and use natural processes to produce images which reflect natural phenomena. the resulting pictures reflect natural processes which we see around us. i use a variety of different media; for example ink on paper, ink in water, soap film, and light on glass. the same artistic concerns express themselves across the different media which i use.
ambiguity is a feature of all of my pictures, and the viewer’s imaginative contribution completes the creative process. i always welcome new interpretations of my images, and many examples of these new ideas (often quite different from my own) can be found on my flickr photostream.
i believe my pictures of fluid flow and light appeal to aspects of our existence which lie 'deep down' within us, beyond words. revealing these deep natural forces is my aim - the processes of nature itself, and how transformation is such a key aspect of such processes - things we may understand intuitively without cerebration. my guiding principle has always been that nature is the best artist, and my aim is always to reveal its unsurpassed beauty and variety. furthermore, through visual metaphor, many of life’s questions can be discovered, explored, and sometimes answered. my ongoing process of discovery is what i like to share with the rest of the world.
excerpt, pery burge artist statement

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