March 28, 2012

kris scheifele: fades, contortions, chips

gilded fade 2012

medical fade 2011

money fade 2012

passion fade 2012

quiet fade 2012

blood fade 2012

intense rainbow fade 2012

7 3/4" paint chips 2012

8" paint chips 2011

paint chips (detail)

rainbow contortion 2009

luxury contortion 2010

cherry contortion 2010

kris scheifele's recent work is rooted in process and began with an investigation of paint's physicality. after thirty to fifty layers of acrylic paint are applied to a support, these slabs are pulled up, sliced, carved, and/or peeled. free of a support and hung directly on the wall, the paint then performs by bending, sagging, and stretching. this elasticity suggests the body and skin while the 'aestheticised' decay alludes to the moth-eaten, rot, or fire damage. meant to reflect on cycles in life as well as cycles in art, scheifele's work rides the line between painting and sculpture.
exerpt: kris scheifele among 30 artists to watch in 2012 (ny arts mag)

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