March 16, 2012

james welling: philip johnson's glass house

in the 1980s, james welling's photographic work became identified with "the pictures generation," and in the 1990s, he exhibited and worked extensively in europe. for many years, welling has worked at the intersection of photography and photographic technology. his recent photographs investigate architecture and color. welling's "glass house" was published in february 2011. he is a professor and area head of photography in the ucla department of art.

all photos copyright © james welling all rights reserved
images via:
we find wildness


fredawinch said...

The photos are really look cool and provide piece of mind. I like it very much. Post such kind of more photos in future also.
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Anonymous said...

wonderful images of this glass house
I usually visit a gallery that reminds a little of this glass house
it's a special feeling to be inside and have such close contact with the outside