March 22, 2012

hugo arcier: two fictions: reactivated thoughts, regenerated meanings

fiction 1
a film by hugo arcier. 2011.
original music by jean-christophe feldhandler. sound engineer francois vatin
this full 3d computer graphics film draws from the events that struck japan in march 2011, and more specifically, the way the events were covered in the media.
three-dimensional computer graphics are not a simple recording of reality, but are calculated images, simulated by computers. through a disturbing mirror effect, they help account for the "unreality" of images that linger on after certain catastrophic events. ultimately, for the foreign audience of the march 2011 tsunami, what really remains from the images disseminated in the media is no more than a series of scenes of "action" and desolation — the wave that struck and the devastation that it left in its wake.
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a gentle evocation of radioactive particles...

fiction 2.
a strange softness emerges from these images.
first the calm water, a simple reflective surface which is almost flat. next, the terror associated with the atomic disaster is partially diminished by the visualization of the nuclear particles. indeed, the fear of radioactivity is in part due to its frightening invisibility. it is a contamination that cannot be seen so it cannot be fought against. computer graphic images are able to reveal the unseen, as well as ease the anxiety of the “invisible” or according to our perception make the danger that we often deny, real, because it colorless, odorless and intangible.
the hypnotic image becomes almost zen-like. soothed by the soft lapping of the water and pacified by the slow ascending movement of particles we almost fall asleep. there.

many thanks to hugo arcier for providing access to the videos and stills for this post!

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Anonymous said...

fiction 1
very touching and powerful
great work