March 21, 2012

david hockney: bigger pictures

the arrival of spring 2011 (1 of 52 parts)
© david hockney

the big hawthorne 2008

under the trees, bigger 2010

the arrival of spring in woldgate, east yorkshire 2011 - 12 april 2011

winter timber 2009
photo jonathan wilkinson

winter tunnel with snow 2006

the arrival of spring in woldgate, east yorkshire 2011 - 2 january 2011

a closer winter tunnel, february-march 2006

woldgate woods, 21, 23 and 29 november 2006
photo richard schmidt

a road across the wolds 1997

salt mills, saltaire 1997

installation view (with bigger trees near warter 2009)

david hockney painting woldgate before kilham 2007
photo: jean-pierre gonçalves de lima

all images © david hockney
images via royal academy of arts unless otherwise attributed


Ann Knickerbocker said...

Love this. The colors!!! Wish I could see it all in person... saw his show in Boston (in 1997/8?). I find this direction, the plein-air painting, but with the curious color twists, as engaging as an abstract painting, for me. It pulls the viewer in, involves all of us, makes us work. Thank you for the post!