March 4, 2012

andreas nicolas fischer: generative and data systems

iteration I 2011:

otomation I 2012:

…a generative music video created with otomata by batuhan bozkurt and thinking particles in cinema4d. the particles are being emitted on the bottom based on the waveform of the wav. then they rise up and form the black metaball. when they reach a certain age they die and turn into white ooze, which is sucked into the center. this is more research than a finished project.
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one more chance 2011:

reflection II 2010:

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indizes 2008:

andreas nicolas fischer (a.n.f.) - (b. 1982 munich, germany) concerns himself with the physical manifestation of digital processes and data through generative systems to create sculptures, videos, prints and installations. lives and works in berlin.

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