February 2, 2012

wilhelm sasnal: at haus der kunst 2.3.12 - 5.13.12

untitled 2009 (pope)

untitled (kacper and anka) 2009

kacper 2009

tsunami girl 2011

roy orbison 1 2007

anka in tokyo 2006

forest 2003

the polish painter wilhelm sasnal (b. 1972) paints images using subjects he finds in daily life, the mass media or in history. his subjects range from portraits of his family and friends, to icons of pop culture, from pictures in the current news, to some of the distressing chapters of polish history, including the second world war and the holocaust. from a stylistic point of view, sasnal’s work amalgamates romanticism with realism, pop with abstraction; it shows his expertise in, and enthusiasm for, the history of painting and for painting as a medium. from the mass of pictures that he found in comics, newspapers, on the television and the internet and that are often easily overlooked, he selects a few and creates a unique and very personal documentation of life today. the exhibition provides insights into sasnal’s work since the end of the 1990s and it shows over 60 paintings plus a selection of his films.
the exhibition is organised by
whitechapel gallery, london,
in collaboration with the haus der kunst
all paintings oil on canvas

many thanks to jacqueline falk and haus der kunst for providing access to these images!

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