February 21, 2012

christian marclay: cassettes

allover (rush, barbara streisand, tina turner, and others) 2008

large cassette no. 6 2009

memento (prince) 2008

untitled (studio floor)2008

mashup (two cassettes diptych) 2008

christian marclay is a new york based visual artist and composer whose innovative work explores the juxtaposition between sound recording, photography, video and film. born in california and raised in geneva (switzerland), he studied sculpture at the massachusetts college of art in boston and at cooper union in new york. as performer and sound artist christian marclay has been experimenting, composing and performing with phonograph records and turntables since 1979 to create his unique "theater of found sound."

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christian marclay: the clock, telephones


Anonymous said...

nostalgia and memories
transformed into art
I especially like the last