February 29, 2012

chris rochelle: working distance

from the series 'bellows'
2011 inkjet, fiber print
2012 fiber based gelatin silver paper


'lightswaddle' 2012
cinefoil, string, oil on canvas

untitled 2011

untitled 2011

cinefoil 2010
foil, canvas, gaffer tape

working distance: the clear distance between the rear surface of the lens and the film

many thanks to chris rochelle for providing the images for this post!
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via chrisrochelle.com

chris rochelle: safelight


Anonymous said...

very graphic
works of art and exhibition space complement each other

Ann Knickerbocker said...

I especially like the installations --- very physical, very Richard Serra. And I understand your reticence, but more words, please. What do you think of these works?


the viewer said...

Ann, thank you for your comments, they are always welcome here.
To your question: I think Chris Rochelle is doing some of the most interesting abstract photography I've encountered. But the more important question: what do YOU think of these works?

(I often add a bit of information on the artists and their work...or a link to their artist statement if it will give the viewer more of a flavor of the work. But I continually walk the line between saying too little or too much, and will always err on the side of less.)

If you visit Chris Rochelle's webpage link, you'll find he's even more reticent than I am!

My favorite living painter expressed it well I think:
'you can only express in words what words are capable of expressing, what language can communicate. painting has nothing to do with that.'
gerhard richter

Thank you for visiting, please come back and make all the comments and observations you like!

Ann Knickerbocker said...

Thank you... will do!!