February 9, 2012

bachelot & caron: délit d'initiés

bachelot caron’s current project belongs to a subterranean history of photography. a history going back to the very origins of the medium, to those archaic mises en scène stuffed with melodrama and fable; a history taking its course today in equally impure jumblings of the painterly and the photographic. a history that is above all that of immoral photography. given that photography has to do with morality. not as we might think because of social codes and decency, but because photography, in all its forms and all its uses, has built up its own set of values. values concentrated in the observation of technical rules and the ensuing aesthetic: a photograph has to match reality or be officially fictional. no muddling of the true with the false.
continued at bachelot caron: délit d'initiés - (la lettre de la photographie)

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Anonymous said...

beautiful images
with frightening content
I like the heads in the bags