February 12, 2012

aaron rothman: idle speculation

from the series 'idle speculation' 2011
exhibited at pennsylvania academy of the fine arts
october - december 2011



i fell in love with photography because of its direct connection with what it sees, but i also think that it’s necessary to interrogate how we see. as a photographer, i make both “straight” and obviously manipulated pictures. i don’t see any real separation between these ways of working, but understand them as points on a continuum of photographic transformation. suspended between a literal and direct connection with the thing pictured and the irrevocable distancing of the image itself, photography can function as a kind of metaphor for the limits and possibilities of our perceptual experience and understanding of the world. landscape and architectural space—as a container and distiller of elements of the landscape—are at the core of my work. i am interested in how we, as individuals, experience the landscape on a phenomenological level, as well as how we, collectively, understand ourselves as a part of the landscape.

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