October 19, 2011

wood, glass, ceramic, steel: it's a big world out there

from the 18th SOFA [sculpture objects and functional art] exposition chicago 2011:
click on images for full view (recommended)

mark reigelman II
breaking the bottle (site specific room installation)

rob and jaap thalen
carneoolbowl 2, 2011
silver 925/000, precious stones (carneool)

alain mailland
touch of zen 2, 2010
locust burl

tevita havea
momo, 2011
glass, wood, twine

vivian beer
ruby red slipper (anchored candy no.3) 2010
steel, automotive paint and patina

stanislav libensky and jaroslava brychtova
blue pyramid, 1993-94
cast glass

bruce metcalf
tumble 2011
carved and gold-leafed wood, 18k gold, silver, glass, brass, foam

john kiley
purple red 2011

zora palova
blue bridge, 2011
cast glass

jun kaneko
dango 09-04-17, 2009
glazed ceramic

christian burchard
another literary dynasty #1
blanched madrone burl

suharu fukami
time of serenity, 2011
porcelain with celadon glaze

norma minkowitz
his heart's in his head, 1989
fiber mesh and paint

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Anonymous said...

so much beautiful and interesting shapes in the world

my favorites in this series
breaking the bottle
ruby red slipper
blue bridge