October 17, 2011

tom price: meltdown

from the current show at industry, washington dc
through 10.22.11

installation - cherry trees:
polypropylene pipe, nylon cable ties

pp facet lights:

pp light #1:
polypropylene tubes heated, warped, twisted, lit

meltdown chair:
polypropylene pipe, custom formed

INDUSTRY launches its fall 2011 design season with the first u.s. solo exhibition of work by innovative british artist and designer, tom price. specializing in modern furniture products, sculpture and lighting design, process plays a key role in price’s work which has been bought by international museums, galleries and private collectors. much of price’s work is made using unconventional materials. in fact, he often finds it necessary to invent new tools and techniques in order to get the required results from certain fabrications. but price sees this as an intrinsic part of the overall design and narrative.
“i like to think of myself as working in collaboration with materials, processes and phenomena and that the final physical outcome is a product of mutual consent.”

INDUSTRY is the premiere gallery in the us devoted to exhibiting the work of 21st century design. their focus is on designers who create functional art from industrial materials. offering single-artist exhibitions, industry represents a broad spectrum of international design trends through imaginative and limited edition works that blur the boundary between art and design and redefine the relationship between designer and gallery.

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Anonymous said...

cherry trees....WONDERFUL installation