October 31, 2011

miriam o'connor: attention seekers

attention seekers is a body of work which is concerned with the representation of everyday scenes, arbitrary spaces and people encountered by the photographer. while the ordinary or the everyday are habitually tied up with concepts of familiarity and routine, it is here that o’ connor discovers infinite possibilities for image making, slicing out its details which petition for attention and assimilate allure. in attention seekers, the classic trajectory of ‘photographer has camera, photographer takes pictures’ is turned on its head. here instead, subjects take on an uncertain agency of their own, discharging magnetism and appeal that is impossible for the photographer to ignore. the subjects of these images are conceived as ‘seeking out’ camera and photographer - the subjects of these images conceptualized as 'attention seekers'. teasing the viewer with ambiguous clues and mischievous impressions, the images represent a curiosity around looking and seeing and a preoccupation with certain scenes that unreservedly ‘look back’. modest or minute elements are reoccurring motifs across the series, where, time, location and horizons are regularly obscured - comparatively hazy.

miriam o’ connor was born in cork, ireland in 1973 and currently lives and works in dublin.

many thanks to miriam o'connor for providing the images and content for this post!

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