October 12, 2011

michael zelehoski: duality: physical | pictorial space

blue pallets 2011

burned pallet 2011

burned pallet detail

orange pallet 2011

box 2011

picnic table 2010

picnic table (side view)

picnic table (rear view)

vertical shelves 2010

7up box 2010

box 2010

chairs 1, 2 and 3 2010

folding chairs 2009
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stack of pallets 2010

I work almost exclusively with found, utilitarian objects such as shipping pallets and boxes. I deconstruct the objects, cutting them into sometimes hundreds of abstract fragments before reassembling the pieces two-dimensionally. The negative space is filled with carefully fitted pieces of wood, creating a solid plane in which the object is trapped in a parody of its former perspective. The object’s concreteness is in direct contrast to the spatial illusionism of its composition not to mention the perceived autonomy of the picture plane.
excerpt from artist's statement

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