October 6, 2011

joe scanlan: matinée

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matinée, 2007–2008
sunlight, aluminum, steel, glass, sheetrock, paint
running time: daily
the location is the top floor of the kunstammlung nordrhein-westfalen in düsseldorf, a 2500-square meter (25,000 square foot) winter garden space. the black surface framing the “movie screen” is a wooden skeleton built onto the top and sides of a wall containing the mechanical services for the museum, with a super matte black fabric stretched over it. the white of the screen is the plain white painted surface of the wall itself.
the way the fabric absorbed the roof shadows and caused them to “pop” as they moved across the screen created a quite convincing cinematic effect. the movement of the shadows was barely perceptible at any one moment, but unexpectedly mesmerizing over a long period of time. it was really great to just sit there and watch the image evolve, especially if you were there on a day when the sky was partly cloudy and the movie would drift in and out of view. or even better, if you had just done venice, basel, documenta and münster and needed an atmosphere in which to resuscitate your brain.

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