October 14, 2011

ellsworth kelly: black and white

ellsworth kelly - black & white
at haus der kunst: 07 oct 11 > 22 jan 12

la combe II 1950-51

window, museum of modern art, paris 1949

neuilly 1950

black ripe 1955

white over black 1963

black curve in relief 2009

broken window, paris 1978

shadow on stairs, villa la combe, meschers 1950

potato barn, long island II 1968

curve seen from a highway, austerlitz, new york 1970

hangar doorway, st. barts 1977

ellsworth kelly numbers amongst the most important protagonists of colour field painting. throughout all his creative periods, he tried out new ideas for paintings in black and white versions as well. the retrospective is devoted to about 50 black-and-white pictures and reliefs spanning the years 1948–2010 and is complemented by a concise selection of drawings, collages and photographs.
“black & white” is the first comprehensive retrospective of the black-and-white works by ellsworth kelly.

many thanks to haus der kunst for permission to use the images in this post!

© 2011 haus der kunst, munich. all rights of photographed materials reserved.

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Anonymous said...

I love white over black, I can look forever....