October 16, 2011

andrew beck: reflection, shadow, repetition

stationary light:
from the march 2011 exhibition at mcnamara gallery

12:54 pm

stationary light (shadow)

12:01 pm

stationary light (shadow)

re: stationary light: the work is made from silver gelatin paper and in this installation, made over the course of one day. sections of the installation were placed in physical alignment with the light in the space at different points in the day. the prints are left to expose for a few seconds and then fixed chemically. so the prints line up physically with the light in the space and act as records for the light patterns created at given points in the day.

transfer I

transfer II


repetition II

surface I


many thanks to andrew beck for providing the images for this post!

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see more of andrew's work at mcnamara gallery, wanganui, new zealand

andrew beck: simulacra


Anonymous said...

great work!