September 19, 2011

ernst haas: color correction

color correction
ernst haas
14 september - 22 october 2011
atlas gallery, london

new york city, usa 1981

california, usa 1977

3rd avenue, reflection, new york city, usa 1952

new york city, usa 1972

traffic, mexico city 1963

new york city, usa 1952

new york city, usa 1953

new york city, usa 1963

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london.- atlas gallery presents an exhibition of the celebrated, late austrian photographer ernst haas (1921 – 1986), to coincide with the long awaited steidl publication ‘color correction’. the exhibition includes many unseen works alongside rare, vintage dye-transfer prints from the 1950s and ‘60s. theses photographs reveal a side of haas’ work that was almost entirely hidden from view during his lifetime. in the introduction to the book, william ewing who searched through over 200,000 of haas’ pictures held in the getty archive in london, describes these works as ‘...far more edgy, loose, enigmatic, and ambiguous than his celebrated work. most of these pictures he never even printed, let alone published, probably assuming that they were too difficult to be understood.
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