August 30, 2011

la lettre de la photographie: holidays 2011

la lettre de la photographie (online photo newsletter) took the summer off and invited readers to submit their holiday photos. submissions were published over the summer. here are a few favorites, link to the entire archive below.

staff at la lettre... © geneviève delalot

© florencio travieso

© laura prospero

© yves ryncki

© meghan major

© kevin coombs

© paskua

© agnes fohn

© michel philippot

© aurelia jaeger

© aline smithson

© stacy swiderski

© philippe garner

© stéphane le garrec

© david m. winship

© CM

© susan may tell

© raymon elozua

© juha karilo

© dominique cherprenet

© aurélien le duc

© julia fullerton-batten

all content via la lettre de la photographie


Anonymous said...

lovely holiday photos, i feel the atmosphere