August 11, 2011

john mason: primary ceramic structures

x wall 1965

geometric series, dark 1966

red x 1966

untitled 1983

torque vessel 1986

untitled vessel 1986

the eccentric cross 1994

folded cross, charcoal 2002

spear form blue green 2002

blue cross with green 2004

trio, black with tracers 2004

trans orb, blue with tracers 2006

trans orb, black with tracers 2006

the gate 2008

wall relief no. 2 2010

wall relief no. 6 2010

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via frank lloyd gallery

more contemporary clay


Anonymous said...

great ceramic structures
I love x wall 1965

formline said...

Very nice abstract forms and full harmony of clean geometry. The spirit of art deco is also here $)